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Couples Counseling

By the time you have reached the point that you need extra help from a professional, your miscommunication or intimacy blocking behaviors may have become established patterns. Those patterns and habits can be very difficult to change. It may feel too scary to do things differently with your partner. I can help with this stuck feeling by providing specific behaviors and communication tips while providing empathy for your struggles.

Couples counseling pushes you to make yourself more vulnerable, which is difficult. You have already been hurt and you do not want to be hurt again. I can gently guide you and your partner to take those risks. Without taking the risks, little progress can be made.

I can help you figure out what you need from your partner. This can be a challenge because you may not have thought about it but once you know, it is your responsibility to let your partner know. Most people do not read each others mind so it is not fair to think that they can.

I have worked with many clients who just did not know what would fill their partner up with love and once they did, it made a world of difference.

My attendance recommendations: I have found that if I don't meet with couples once a week, traction is lost and there is not enough accountability to the therapy process. If the couple is not working actively on the relationship outside of the therapy hour but instead letting the therapy be the cure all, it may be a set up for failure.

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