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Male and Female Low Libido

Low libido effects both men and women.  Some sex therapists call male low libido Americas secret problem with 16% of men reporting this issue.   It can be especially difficult when the man’s libido is lower than the woman’s libido.  The woman may believe that he is not attracted to her anymore and it can damage her self-confidence and her body image.  

I look at improving low libido from a mind and body perspective.  Our largest sex organ is our brain.  Many times, sexual interaction and behavioral patterns have developed that cause distress for the couple.  These patterns need to be deconstructed and replaced with realistic behaviors. 

One example is learning that arousal is your own responsibility, not your partners.  Sure, your partner can help with arousal but it is your responsibility to share what turns you on.  Most people cannot read one another’s minds.  Sharing those vulnerable parts of ourselves can be scary but it is vital to creating true intimacy.    

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